Health and Lifestyle Management

Taking an overall holistic approach to your day to day life is vital to meet your goals and needs. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s also about when and where. Food is not all though, you need to look at when you train, how often, and how active you are at home and at work. HAC Lifestyle takes all of this into account when working on a strategy that best suit you.

Weight Management HAC Lifestyle Limited
Weight Management - Loss and Gain


Whether you want to lose weight or put some on HAC Lifestyle will design a fitness and nutrition program to help you achieve the results you want. HAC Lifestyle will carry out body composition, measurements and weight tests to determine realistic but challenging goals.

Healthy Eating HAC Lifestyle Limited
Healthy Eating Programmes


Eating healthily plays a major part in increasing the productivity of your training and leading a healthy life. It’s all about having a healthy and balanced diet relative to your training schedule. Although not qualified nutritionists, HAC Lifestyle is qualified to deliver healthy eating advice, with an emphasis on no fad diets.

Rehabilitation and Postural Stability HAC Lifestyle Limited
Rehabilitation and Postural Stability Exercise


Whether you are recovering from an injury, operation, or a niggle, HAC Lifestyle’s rehabilitation techniques get you back on the road to recovery. HAC Lifestyle has experience in helping with recovery after knee and hip replacements, joint and back injuries, COPD, arthritis, osteoporosis, falls prevention, issues with flexibility and balance and many more.

HAC Lifestyle was founded by Holly Cook. With over 9 years of personal training experience and a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Holly offers certified one to one personal training, nutritional advice, post injury/operation rehabilitation, weight loss management, COPD patient care, and also caters for GP Exercise Referral for Specific Controlled Conditions and Postural Stability for Falls Prevention.